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a. Guide: Student ratio would be 1:3
b. Co- Guide as a Consultant Dermatologist with ten years of professional experience is essential.
The dermatology fellowship student will revise the following topics in detail
1. Anatomy/histology of all structures in human body/organs
SPECIAL emphasis on structure of skin, cells. Appendages etc
2. Physiology –emphasis on correlation of skin & other systems like endocrine etc.
3. Psychology & its reflection on skin.
4. Immunological mechanisms and the role of the PNE and RES in coordinating defences of the Individual
5. Genetics- Fundamental/applied aspects related to dermatological conditions. In addition, the following topcs will form an additional part of his special knowledge and skills
1. Interpretation of Clinical Dermatology in relation to Homoeopathic Philosophy and Pathology
2. Clinical case taking and approach to Dermatological conditions
3. Understanding the use of Repertory in the treatment of Dermatological disorders
4. Integrated approach to understanding and Homoeopathic management of the following clinical conditions:
a. Infective
i. STD
ii. HIV
iii. Leprosy
iv. Other infective conditions
c. Autoimmune conditions
i. Psoriasis
ii. Lichen planus
iii. Pigmentary disorders
d. General disorders having skin manifestations
i. SLE
ii. Dermatomyopathies
iii. Nutritional disorders
e. Carcinomas
f. Cosmetology

This will be a full time course for one year necessitating the attendance of the student in the OPD of the Hospital. He may be posted at any Dermatological centre where diagnostics and treatment of skin conditions/cosmetology is being carried out.
A. Onjob practical/lab training (400 hours)Posting in dermatological OPD where students should get sufficient exposure to see, understand & diagnose various skin presentations.Skin biopsy & understanding the results correlating the histopathology Learning the use of Wood’s lamp & camera.
B. Teaching sessions (150 hours) Subject seminars, lectures from experts in the field of dermatology (MD dermatology) &Interpreting the pathogenesis for insight in to the miasm and susceptibility. Clinical case-group discussionsInterdepartmental seminars Post graduate students should be encouraged to attend CME, Workshops,Conferences & presenting and publishing papers and case reports.
EXAMINATION SCHEME THEORY: Two papers carrying 25 credit points each
  • Duration: 15 days
  • 4 hours lectures every day(except sundays)
  • 4 hours clinics every day
  • Cost: 1000 USD ( airfare and stay not included)
  • Stay can be arranged at a low cost hotel near the academy and low cost airfare can be arranged
  • Eligibility: Homeopaths, allopathic doctors, dentists, all those who are interested in homeopathy and practicing homeopathy
  • Faculty: Eminent and experienced homeopaths all over India
  • Course Contents Case Taking- Analysis and evaluation of symptoms with case processing Repertorisation and arrival at similimum Practical utility of repertory Different types of repertories and their uses Which repertory for which case Conversion of symptoms to rubrics Understanding rubrics with cases Comparative and Differential Materia Medica
  • Duration: 15 days
  • 4 hours lectures every day(except sundays)
  • 6 hours clinics every day
  • Cost: 1500 USD ( airfare and stay not included)
  • Stay can be arranged at a low cost hotel near the academy and low cost airfare can be arranged

  • Eligibility: Homeopaths, allopathic doctors, dentists, all those who are interested in homeopathy and practicing homeopathy Faculty: Eminent and experienced homeopaths all over India

    Course Contents:
  • Comparative materia medica
  • Clinical materia medica and therapeutics
  • Study of kingdoms in detail
  • Study of miasms
  • Obstacles to cure
  • Remedy reactions and second prescription
  • Supression and palliation
  • Posology
  • Knowledge of homeopathic softwares
  • Why Dr. Batra's Academy

    With such a vast sea of information and experience contained within the company, we believe it is our moral duty to spread the seeds amongst others. To this end, Dr Batra’s Academy was set up – after all knowledge is useful only when shared. Homeopathy is progressing with time and we have to enrich our Homeopathic knowledge in line with the modern changing world. Basic principles of Homeopathy will remain the same, but we need to update and adapt the procedures. Dr. Batra’s Academy aims to spread advanced homoeopathic practice in India and overseas to achieve the maximum benefits of this natural and modern medical science. We aim to be one of the leading teaching organizations and set precedence for others to follow.
    Why Dr. Batra’s Academy:
    Brand Dr. Batra’s is the most respected and longest established homeopathic healthcare company in India. It is India’s only trusted brand in Homoeopathy (Brand Trust Report- 2013)
    An experience of treating over 2 lac rare and difficult skin cases ( Total 10 lac patients) with 93 per cent success ratio
    Our experienced and expert faculty doctors have contributed and helped to formulate the base of training and study module. This provides us with sound platform to launch and impart quality education and training
    Our thorough knowledge of homeopathic clinical practice and teaching in India and abroad provides us with the understanding of how to formulate the curriculum in a course, classroom management skills, inculcate treatment strategies at the Clinic level and motivate students.
    We shall be training our doctors in dealing with some rare cases which even contemporary system of medicine discards as in-curable
    We have formulated our own advanced and innovative method of case taking, case processing and case analysis which helps forms a huge study material for our students
    We have highly educated, dedicated and experienced faculty doctors. Our faculty members are renowned name in the field of homoeopathy and are known to develop new teaching methods as per international standards and practices.
    Our faculty’s experience includes a solid background in homeopathic clinical practice, especially in the treatment of skin disorders, with a broad range of clinical experience in community medicine.
    Our faculty members are endowed with good judgment and expertise in treating skin disorders of various types and intensities.
    We maintain highest standards at all levels – be it our clinics, products or Dr. Batra’s Academy. We keep abreast with new research in homoeopathy and develop and alter our academic literature accordingly
    Our programme has been designed to offer real-time advancement of knowledge and experience for homeopathic doctors to scale up their clinical repertoire,
    It includes variety of teaching, research, community outreach and a challenging yet supportive environment to refine their clinical attributes as specialised medical practitioners.
    We have a balanced synthesis of homeopathic therapeutics and clinical practice, community service and leadership to impart to our students a world-class fellowship programme
    This programme is keyed to advance the professional homeopathic doctor’s clinical knowledge and critical thinking skills in different clinical settings so as to provide optimal patient care.
    This specialised programme will offer strong faculty mentorship, support and autonomy that doctors would seek in their clinical practice.
    Following training, doctors will be able to focus on tackling general and complex skin clinical cases — with specialised diagnostic ability, scientific tools that are safe and effective
    Our teaching materials include engaging ways to help fellow students and practitioners make the connection between required clinical knowledge and actual clinical experience.

    About Us

    Welcome to Dr. Batra’s Academy.
    On behalf of my team I would like to congratulate you for embarking on a journey towards higher educational path with Dr. Batra’s Fellowship Course in Homoeopathic Dermatology. In my forty years of practice I have observed that the doctors who achieve in their lives and reach to the top are those who are sound in their clinical experience and expertise. We at Dr. Batra’s believe that, we as academicians as well as clinicians should hone the skills of budding homoeopaths towards building their dreams to become ideal physicians who are looked upon by common people to allay their pain and disease. Every doctor dreams of being a renowned name with a good practice. This dream can be realized if he has the knack to apply whatever he has learnt in his college days and keeps refining his skills time and again as years go by with the advancement in technology and knowledge. I have seen that homoeopathic graduates when they start their clinical practice are embodied with plenty of theoretical knowledge but lack practical hands on experience. Due to this practical lacuna they don’t fare well in their practice and often divert to other avenues. Dr. Batra’s fellowship course in homoeopathic dermatology is aimed to bridge this gap and provide the student with the much required and sought for clinical exposure and transform them into a complete homeopathic physician, having theoretical as well as clinical knowledge. We at Dr Batras have a rich experience of successfully treating over 1 million patients with various common as well as rare skin diseases. These cases are well documented and well recorded. Across multiple geographical locations in India and overseas, our doctors see over 6000 patients each day. This experience will be shared with our students which will help them to evolve to greater heights and transform themselves from a mediocre homeopath, a generalist to a highly specialized and evolved homeopath. Our mission is to train and equip every student at Dr. Batra’s Academy with the latest innovations and breakthrough in the homoeopathic dermatology so that they are able to treat skin disease radically, judiciously and ethically to bring relief, as Dr. Hahnemann rightly said rapid, gentle and permanent annihilation in the most harmless and gentle way. Hence I appeal to all homeopathic graduates and post graduates to take benefit from this course and hone your skills and transform yourself into a well trained and highly specialized homeopathic physician.
    Welcome to Dr Batras Academy!
    Those who hear the call to serve humanity as a healer often choose homeopathy as a career. They do so because they perceive that medicine should treat the whole person, doing so in a safe and gentle way that works with the body’s innate healing potential. The aim of starting the academy was to spread far and wide amongst homeopaths and homoeopathic students the good effects of homeopathy we have witnessed in our 155 plus clinics spread all over India and abroad. Most homoeopathic graduates aspire to pursue post graduation in the most lucrative field – Homoeopathic Dermatology. But unfortunately currently there is no avenue to pursue this course - in India or abroad. There is a dearth of quality homeopathic education institutes in India. So, it was the vision of our chairman Dr. Mukesh Batra to start a state-of-art academy in Mumbai offering post graduation course in Homoeopathic Dermatology. The immense data and case studies available with Dr. Batra’s Homoeopathy will provide rich study materials for our post graduate students to become excellent practitioners in Homeopathic Dermatology. Our expansion plans include short term courses in homeopathy to cater to busy homoeopathic practitioners. These courses are going to be refreshed periodically to ensure the student doctors are in tune with the latest international homeopathic happenings around the globe. Future plans also include online courses in homeopathy and other allied subjects. Our vision is to be an educational giant under whose umbrella not only homeopathy but allied subjects can be taught. Organizing and hosting conference and seminars in collaboration with international experts and institutes are also on the agenda. These seminars will be open to our students and also other homoeopaths who would like to enhance their skills in homeopathy. At Dr. Batra’s Academy, we provide a collaborative, inspiring learning environment that provides a solid foundation for practice. We have a community of exceptional and dedicated homeopathic teachers and provide a student-oriented faculty. We strive to create an intellectually stimulating and emotionally satisfying environment of inquiry. I on behalf of Dr. Batra’s Academy invite you on a journey of high quality academic and clinical education. Central to our curriculum philosophy is clinical training that comprises much of our curriculum. We also place strong value on individualized learning, humanism, self-awareness and community as integral parts of the education of being a homeopath. I welcome you once again to this premium teaching institute and wish you all the best for your future endeavors. Good Luck to all!


    Dr. Samir Chaukkar
    MD (Hom)
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    Dr. Tejal Ajmera
    MD, (Hom)
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    Dr. Bindu Sharma
    BHMS, PG Hom(London)
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    Dr. Vaishali Kamat
    MD (Hom)
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